The Recipe


The Recipe


This is the recipe that we make on a daily basis for the birds in our store:

5 pound bag frozen mixed vegetables
5 pound bag of frozen corn
4 apples (2 green / 2 red) cut up
2 oranges – cut up
4 mini corn on the cob cut into quarters then quartered again.
Big handful of grapes (cup in half if large)
2 beets – cut up
Beet greens (the tops, washed and chopped)
3 Cups cooked brown rice
Cut up and cook the following in microwave for 12 – 15 minutes:
4 carrots cut up 1 sweet potato cut up 1/2 squash cut up
Add any other fruit and/or vegetables which are in season.


We have most recently been adding to this mixture cooked Bean Cuisine and cooked pasta.  This recipe lasts for 2 days at the store, and is not set in stone!  Use amounts and things you know your bird likes.  Have fun and experiment.

Mix all together YUMMY!!!

The Recipe


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