Boarding Procedures & Requirements

BIRD IS THE WORD Boarding by appointment only

Consider the advantages of leaving your bird in the care of our professional staff. Enjoy your time away without worrying that something might happen while you are gone. There are many reasons that it may be necessary for your bird to be removed from your home: Travel – Home Repair/Remodel – Carpet Cleaning – Fumigation – Painting. Prior to boarding all birds MUST have proof of an avian veterinary workup within the past year, including:

  • Polyoma
  • Psittacosis
  • Beak and Feather testing

This is to assure the health of all birds in our facility, including yours.

Bird Is The Word can also test for these diseases prior to boarding at a cost of $100.00 per bird. Testing should be performed at least two weeks prior to boarding.

Please also be aware that no matter how much we try to simulate a home environment, boarding for your bird can be stressful. Any underlying issues such as feather destruction, phobias, anxiety and even older birds can become stressed and these issues can become magnified. In extreme cases, cardiac failure and death can occur, so please discuss this with your veterinarian prior to boarding your bird.

If your bird becomes ill while under our care we will take him to Dr. Eisenberg of All Creatures Great and Small or Dr. Bonjorno of Millbrook Animal Hospital and you will be responsible for any and all charges incurred. We will refuse to board any bird if it shows obvious signs of illness when he/she is dropped off.


  • Appropriately sized, steam clean, sanitized cages provided.
  • Our facilities have fire & burglar alarms.
  • Birds are under video surveillance.
  • We inspect all birds daily for any signs of problems.
  • A diet of seed/pellets in addition to our gourmet fresh vegetable and fruit mixture will be fed in the morning in addition to an evening treat.
  • Our boarding room has an air filtration system and full spectrum lighting.
  • TV and video tapes and/or radio will be played, for audio and visual stimulation and to simulate a home environment.


  • Small birds …….$12.00/day
  • Medium birds….$15.00/day
  • Large birds ……$18.00/day

Download our Boarding Form

Please feel free to bring a few of your bird’s favorite toys. Every bird is required to come in with a toy. If you don’t have one, you must purchase one. Every bird needs the opportunity to entertain themselves while here with us.