Your New Parakeet

Caring for Your New Parakeet

Congratulations on your new companion parakeet!

Your new baby parakeet is probably anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks old. Although he may look fully grown, he is still a baby and requires special care.

He most likely will be quite frightened, at first, in his new home. Everything will be new to him, his cage, the sounds (or lack of) and his new environment in general. Remember he has never seen a dog or cat! He may stay at the bottom of the cage and hide in a corner. He is used to finding food, water and millet on the bottom of the cage. To make his adjustment easier, line the bottom of the cage with paper towels, so he has a cozy spot to sleep .

In addition to where his food and water cups may be placed in his new cage, also provide him with food, water and millet in small dishes at the bottom of the cage, until you are sure he has found the new source of food. Offer fresh seed, water and vegetables on a daily basis.

Parakeet are often purchased as a young child’s first pet, so that they may learn responsibility. Parents should always supervise to make sure the bird is being properly fed and his cage kept clean. Remind your children that the bird is a baby, to remain calm around the bird, and show him proper respect. You and/or your children are your new birds best friend and companion. he needs your attention on a daily basis. Provide him with toys to entertain himself when he can’t be with you.