Our Guarantee

 We guarantee all birds to be healthy as per industry standards at the time of sale.

Once a bird leaves our possession we cannot control the conditions it is kept under and cannot guarantee its health except as specifically noted below.

  • No other guarantees, expressed or implied, will be honored.
  • These guarantees are for health only.
  • We cannot be responsible for a bird’s temperament or behavior, or the bird’s ability to be trained.
  • Healthy birds cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.
  • Merchandise purchase with the bird is not covered under this guarantee.

All birds are guaranteed for 48 hours if taken to a qualified Avian Veterinarian.
If there is a problem, the bird must be returned to us with a report from your veterinarian stating that the bird was unhealthy at the time of sale, and further specifying the ailment or illness.
Since many bird illnesses may be undetectable by examination alone, we advise you, as a precaution, to have your new bird examined by an Avian Veterinarian.
Please remember, we DO NOT pay for these or other veterinarian fees.

Dr. Scott McDonald