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Non-Stick Cookware and Teflon Coated Self-Cleaning Ovens WILL KILL YOUR BIRD

PLEASE – if you have Teflon or other non-stick pans get rid of them if you have birds. If you just have one pan that you only use once in a while, it will still kill your bird. You can use it many times but the next time could do it. There is no turning back. Is it worth the life of your bird? We hear the same story so many times, it is heart breaking. If it is Non-Stick don’t use it! If you have a Teflon coated self-cleaning oven, DO NOT Run the self clean feature!

Over-heated Teflon-coated cooking appliances and self-cleaning ovens release a colorless, odorless gaseous toxin (PTFE) that does not seem to affect mammals but can cause death to a bird within 24 hours. Your bird does NOT have to be near the kitchen for this to happen. Birds affected by Teflon fumes need immediate veterinary attention.*

*This information is from Niles Animal Hospital & Bird Medical Center.

In most cases you won’t have time to get to the vet.